Visual Dialogue “Connected”

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This week’s Visual Dialogue theme is “Connected”

Chantal is communicating through images with Denis Vlasov (NY based photographer, director), Christine McDonald (Sydney based rug designer, blogger) and Guido Voss (Paris based men fashion designer at Gaspard Yurkievich)

#biennale #art #chantaltvconnected

20. Art connected

#chantaltvconnected #biennale #venice #art

19. Biennale

#grassi #venezia #love #art

18. Grassi

#art #venezia #love

17. Yes, Guido’s first post from Venice

48 min staggered ones getting launched, soon I will jump the fence and join in

16. Guerrilla run





#chantaltvconnected  connect to prince for all the reasons

13.  Connect to Prince for all the reasons

stay connected with Miles.  #chantaltvconnected

12. Stay connected with Miles

#sunny #milano

11. Connected with my shadow

doors & locks

10. Unlock


9. All smiles


8. Denis Vlasov’s first tag in this series

06|19 serious rest + relaxation happening today at my parents house. warm as toast in front of the fire catching up on one of my favourite past times... [currently reading] #fmsphotoaday @fatmumslim

7. Christine back to her roots

it's hard not to be relaxed and smiling when you've woken to this on a long weekend... happy sunday

6. Mollymook Beach

beautiful autumn clear blue sky this morning...

5. Tom Ugly’s bridge

04|13 [view from my bed] time to get going | last day in milan | it's been so good... #fmsphotoaday @fatmumslim

4. First tag of Christine McDonald

that specific telephone sign makes it feel so 25 years ago




Art in Arezzo

1. This post was to break the ice for the 3 others to start posting and very obvious “Connected”




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