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Once upon a time, there was a girl who won a modeling contract on TV. At just 18 years, full of conviction and passion, she began her international adventure, leaving Holland behind.

But as told to her by a very wise man, her journey would serve a much greater purpose. She left with only a small backpack, which quickly filled with experience and encounters that she would one day present as a gift to the world, wrapped into posts of image and sound.

CHANTAL.TV“, is who she is and that’s more than just a name. It’s a couture dress, a way of living, a focus on detail and quality, manufactured by a famous designer called “experience”.

Living her unwritten bestseller in Paris for the last 23 years, she is now 50. “CHANTAL.TV” is one of a kind, innovative and an established name in the world of fashion & lifestyle. “CHANTAL.TV” is a real time avant-garde fairy tale in which you will play the lead role: SEE ME, BE YOU!

Chantal tights

My Story…. Photography by Philip Provily



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  1. Dear Chantal, what a wonderful story and I am now already a fan of Chantal TV. I love it when people make their own choices about living an inspired live. I wish you lots of succes with Chantal TV. X Mirjam van den Beuken

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