Sun kissed and rested

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Sun kissed and rested, no digital detox for me over this holiday, I will fire up the posts on CHANTAL TV.

The South of France we have left behind after 10 days of wonderfulness with lots of eating, swimming, floating, clinging on to lilo’s in mediterranean water at our little pebble stone beach. Running along the seafront keeping up with my 10 mile schedule, blessed I had the chance to go out and do some sightseeing and exploring on my Asics, soaking wet from the rain as I went out on a stormy night. Nothing is so amazing as staring into the horizon with the endorphins released, beautiful sunsets and clearing the mind.

We continued our trip and arrived safe and sound at our next destination; Barcelona! We settled in and the apartment in El Born is great.

I will try to shoot more photos in a series but as I’m a snapshot story teller I get quickly bored with making more then one picture at the time, carrying a camera around is really not my style as my philosophy is that the image can be framed with any device, unless my iPhone runs out of battery, I’m confident to shoot with the iPhone.

Running it is... #chantaltvdiscovery

Running along the seafront

Good morning running in the heat and earning my croissant

On the look out point

Dinner has been served... et voila... bon appétit

Our garden dock at sunset

Splish splash

Working hard on my tan

Another ☀ day

And to top if all off, a shameless “Selfie” 

Instagram photos by Chantal Hoogvliet 




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  1. Arjan uit Paapdrecht says:

    Wat een mooie foto’s en mooi verzorgde website! Je twitter uitzicht foto van Papendrecht zou er zeker niet op misstaan. Nieuwe betekenis van achter de Geraniums zitten. Daar kan jij misschien een kunstzinnige naam voor bedenken.

    Misschien tot lees.

    Groet van volger uit Papendrecht.

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