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Introducing Anneloes Ouwehand

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Introducing Anneloes Ouwehand, a Dutch fashion designer. In 2007 she launched her fashion label, which is known for a bold and colorful swimwear range.

Bespoke Swimwear

Inspired by the movie ‘Million Dollar Mermaid’  (1952) which features swimming champion Esther Williams, and being a frequent swimmer herself, Anneloes Ouwehand designed a striking, colorful but always functional swimwear line. The items in this collection are all handmade and produced in small quantities where each item is numbered to underscore the exclusivity of the line.
Besides the featured collection Anneloes Ouwehand  also produces bespoke and custom made swimwear, flattering all kinds of female body-shapes.

Instagram Anneloes Ouwehand
Introducing Anneloes Ouwehand, photo from her Instagram account

Leopard Galore

The re-occurring theme in her work is the love for leopard print, applied to functional fashion which still manages to accentuate a flirtatious and elegant women at the same time.
Currently a full collection, with a touch of leopard print, is being developed.

Stay Tuned

Take a look at Anneloes Ouwehand’s Instagram feed for updates and purchase swimsuits from her popular collection on her webshop.
For more information and special orders you can contact the design-studio in Amsterdam.

Anneloes Ouwehand Background
Anneloes finds a lot of her inspiration in art and photography. Artists like Francesco Vezzoli, Ray Ceasar and Busbey Berkeley, whom all include elements of alienation or ‘surrealism’ in their work.

Anneloes Ouwehand graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in the summer of 2006 after a traineeship at ‘Gaspard Yurkievich’ in Paris.
With her graduation collection ‘Blinded by Reality’ she was nominated for a Createurope Award.  Anneloes Ouwehand already had national and international success with her mitten-line ‘Les Mains Chaudes’. Her collection ‘Mirror Mirror’ was presented during Amsterdam International Fashion Week. Anneloes’ love for water and swimming inspired her to create her own swimwear-collection.

Currently Anneloes works as a freelance fashion designer for high-end fashion labels like Calvin Klein, as a trend watchers and illustrator for magazines like View2 and creates her own collections.

“Fashion saves more lives than doctors” – Sacha Baron Cohen alias Bruno




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